name: rachel
age: 16
this blog is a multifandom extravaganza, but i try to keep it organized. you'll mostly find sherlock, hannibal, attractive people, art, photography, pretty graphics that others make, ugly graphics that i make, etc. etc. i get passionate about things, especially feminism, lgbtq issues, autism/disabilities issues, and judaism, so if you can't handle that you might want to stay away.
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THEME 01: CASTLE OF GLASS by banebridge

base code by themelr

{static preview} // {pastebin}


  • do not remove the credit
  • editing is fine, but do not use as a base code
  • do not take snippets from the code
  • do not repost


  • 500px posts
  • description, askbox, and links drop down on click
  • up to 6 custom links
  • 300px by 125px sidebar image
  • almost all colors are customizable
  • styled tooltips with customizable color
  • 2 custom titles different from your main blog title

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